The MeData Gmbh has been established on October 1st 1984 by Klaus Enders as an individual enterprise. The inscription as a corporation in the commercial register of Osnabrück followed on December 19th of 1991. Since then the company is led by the two proprietors Klaus Enders and Rolf-Wilhelm Schlüter.

Klaus Enders was raised as a son of a mineral oil merchandiser. The father was responsible for his own and several external petrol stations as well as a petroleum commerce and a petroleum transport company. Mr. Enders spent his commercial training in that company and continued afterwards with his academic studies of applied computer science.

Afterwards he established his own company that dealt from the beginning with forecasting of petrol station sales.

The aim of this company has always been the creation and the commerce of its own software.

After this system has been used by many transport companies more and more Petroleum and industrial gas companies assumed the MeData solutions for their controlling and logistic functions.

Slogan:  “MARGO is the simple and future-proof system software for regional and big international Petroleum and industrial gas companies”.