MARGO Disposition + Controlling

MARGO is new: MARGO has been designed completely new as a real web application. In contrast to other offers from the market MARGO is not a modernized version of an old Windows application.

MARGO is simple: In order to work successfully with MARGO you just need a PC with internet connection, an established browser (Microsoft Internet explorer or Firefox) and your login data- nothing else.

MARGO is up-to-date: The functionalities in the planning belong to the most modern browser applications on the market.

MARGO is risk-free: Big international mineral oil and industrial gas companies put their trust in MARGO and use the software inclusive the on-board computers and telematics for the complete fleet. The reason is that the highly modern base offers an excellent safety and security of investment.

MARGO is international: MARGO is worldwide available thanks to the MeData- Hosting in the data center. Languages and timezones are adapted automatically with the log-in.

MARGO is transparent: You always have comprehensive access on the different national data and therefore the full control of your company.