MARGO Interface

MARGO is well-arranged: Thanks to map planning module and the high-quality OSM maps geographic connections are displayed in a simple manner. As an alternative the usage of Map&Guide is also possible (here the corresponding Map&Guide licenses are necessary).

MARGO is direct: During the planning of the target quantity for forecasted customers MARGO enables the direct access to all necessary data like working days averages, hour averages per container system, historic data and information about the container.

In case of a manual booking of a tour the user receives all data that are necessary for a qualified handling of a trip on his display.

The technical environment of MARGO benefits from the in-house development of MeData. Thereby the perfect interaction of all components is secured: Communication box MDAC with GPS and GMS module (incl. telephone and hands-free speakerphone), MTM software, telematics-CAN-Bus module MeCan2 and interfaces as well as power supply.