The new generation of on-board computers

MARGO is networked: In corporation with the MTM on-board computers (called MeTab) MARGO is a future-proof complete solution.

Additional functions of the on-board computer are:

  • Order transfer and handling
    • For stations and consumer
  • Telephone functions incl. hands-free speakerphone
  • Tour specific dynamic phone book
  • Traffic information (currently only in Germany)
  • Rear view and turn camera
  • Order transfer
  • Telematics connection via CAN-Bus
  • Trailer electronics
  • Navigation for dangerous goods

The MeTab is a modern tablet with Microsoft Windows 10. It is offered in the two versions (8/10inches). The handling takes place via touch movements. The display is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Moreover the MeTab IP65 is certified. This means that the on-board computer is protected against dirt, jet of water, and coffee.

In combination with the new MDAC3 the MeTab represents our new complete system. The new MDAC 3 offers the possibility to use two SIM cards and telephony as well as data transfer will be possible at the same time, as long as the vehicle is resided in an UMTS net cell.

The interface of the new on-board computer is compatible to our old systems. i.e. you are able to use the old on-board computers and the MeTab for the same truck fleet.